Why Is No One Talking More About Ghost of Tsushima?

Jun Kim
3 min readJan 4, 2021

I’ve recently bought the Sucker Punch game ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ during the holiday sale for PS4 and I have to say why is this not being more talked about!?

(Disclaimer: A few spoilers ahead!)

I came across this game after seeing an Instagram post posted by PewDiePie himself. They were screenshots of the game and I knew immediately I had to get this game before I was to get spoiled online. But after a few weeks of its release in July, all I could hear about was ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ and news on the PS5. I had to wonder if Sucker Punch had released ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ too late or too early? The reviews off of this game on Metacritic and IGN are insane. Even I would have to give this a 10/10, but to be fair I am all about RPG games with amazing cinematic shots including an amazing narrative. Therefore this game is a part of my top ten list of greatest games of all time.

‘Ghost of Tsushima’ incorporates beautiful shots of feudal Japan in all seasons and the use of particles in their leaves, dust, and water almost causes me to feel like I am inside the photorealistic shots. It gives off that nostalgic pain, yearning to be in the high mountaintops and smell that musty humid air and feel the cold breeze in your hair. I’m not a super outdoorsy person but this made me want to go a hike to the Tsushima hills.

I’ve only started playing the game and have finally liberated all the Mongol territories in the Izuhara map. Which in my case the only thing that bothered me with this particular game so far was that many of the side quests and the main quest, in general, all seemed too repetitive. This was the same for me when I was playing Marvel’s ‘Spider-Man’ game for PS4. All the quests may have different stories attached to them yet it’s all the same protocols and operations. Sometimes there would be a few spying activities with assassinations but nothing more. But in defense, I know many adventure RPG games tend to have repetitive side quests which in this case we have these side quests just to ‘grind’ our way to level up and upgrade our gear, buy better weapons, and attire. Personally, I believe that the recent ‘God of War’ game did an amazing job with the diverse side quests that still connected with the main storyline. Although I have to admit the ‘Mystic Tales’ quests tend to have some diversity and interesting ‘boss’ battles which I enjoyed. They include the mysterious Japanese legends and folklore keeping the mood still in place.

In conclusion ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ should still have as much appreciation as ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ and ‘Last Of Us Part 2’. This game was announced in the year 2017 after a few years of releasing ‘Infamous First Light’ according to Wikipedia, the company wanted us as players to have more decisions made during gameplay. I couldn’t agree anymore! Decision making and given choices really change the vibe of any situation. This also concludes to me suggesting Quantic Dream’s ‘Detroit: Become Human’ which is not a lot of action but a s*&! ton of decision making with probably more than a hundred different endings and according to my PS4 I have only completed 48% of the endings.

Enough of this comparing and reviewing I highly suggest everyone go purchase ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ and have an amazing experience! Many may not agree with me but that’s okay! I just hope some agree and talk more about how great this game is.